Mayflower Hotel (Date Unknown)

Mayflower Hotel (Date Unknown)
Vintage white border postcard showing the Mayflower Hotel in Akron, Ohio.

The description on the front of the card:
In Akron, it’s the Mayflower Hotel.
Theo. DeWitt, President.

Estimated Date: 1925-1930 (based on white border and cars in the image)

Era: White Border Era
Condition: Unused

Back of Mayflower Hotel (Date Unknown)
Back of the postcard.

Published by:

E.C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

E. C. Kropp & Co. was a publishing and printing company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, active from 1907 to 1956. The company originated as a publisher and printer in 1898 and later became known as the E.C. Kropp Company in 1907. U.S. They produced a wide variety of lithographic postcards featuring views and other subjects, ranging from early pioneers to fine-grain linens.
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Made in the U.S.A.

Rights Info: Public Domain

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